What’s Soyrizo

Soyrizo, a fresh, healthier take on the traditional chorizo, has 65% fewer calories and 80% less fat than its animal-based counterpart.* Made from Non-GMO soy and flavored with spices and expeller-pressed soy oil, Soyrizo has both the texture and flavor of traditional chorizo without the cholesterol. And while it is filled with the important omega 9 fatty acid, it has virtually zero saturated fat (0.5g per serving).

Prepare Soyrizo the same way you would prepare traditional chorizo in a recipe. Keep in mind that, since Soyrizo is not meat-based, it does not need to be cooked as long as the traditional chorizo does.

Recipe Ideas
Use Soyrizo to create authentic Mexican cuisine or to add a spiced, smoky flavor to any other dishes, too.
Make delicious tacos, burritos, potato or bean soups, with rice and beans, or even add it to your scrambled eggs or favorite tofu scramble recipe. You can add it to a traditional stuffed peppers recipe or use it in Mexican pizzas and nacho dishes.

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Nutritional Comparison

Soyrizo comparison chart





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*Nutritional Information on meat chorizo obtained from USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory

**Based on Organic Soyrizo Nutritional Facts